What dimensions do the figurines have?

All our figures are on the same scale. Thanks to this, collecting all our collection, the figures standing next to each other look good. Our scale is 1:14. The size of the figurines is from 15 to 22cm.


What are the figurines made of?

Our figurines are made of many materials. The main elements are cast from resin. All hoses are made of rubber and fin springs are made of metal. The deco cylinders bands are from rubber. They are painted with various paints and protected with various varnishes, thanks to which the figurines are distinguished by a variety of textures and colors.


What is the time to make a figurine?

Each figurine is made from the beginning to the end by hand and folded to individual order. The figurine is created from 1 to 2 weeks. We, however, thinks that it is worth to wait this time for your unique figure ;)


Do you make new items for a technical diver figurine?

Yes. We are constantly working on new elements and add them to the configurator on the site. You can also order your items that are not on our site. All you have to do is order 5 figurines with a new element. That's how we added the Ourbors rebreather.


Did you send a figurine to my country?

Modelsfordivers figures are shipped worldwide. I think our figures are already in most countries in the world and each one arrived safely. So if you do not live on Mars, you can order without worries :)


Where are the figurines produced?

Figures are produced in Poland. On the very shore of the Baltic Sea.


These figures are toys?

No. They are collectible decorative figurines. They are well protected because they have to survive the journey around the world, but the fall on the floor can end badly.

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